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Sensors in the entrance area count the number of people in the locality and lock/open access.


If access is blocked, the waiting time is displayed. Customers who do not want to wait on site can book into the digital queue using a matrix code.


The CONNECT infrastructure is invisible to third parties and 128 bits of AES is encrypted. The components are plug and play and can be operated with battery.


The system can be controlled with any smartphone, tablet or PC. The Premium Package includes extensive reporting.

Direct customer flows and minimize infection risks

With our new CONNECT APP smarterwaiting, you can regulate customer access to your business wirelessly and without additional staff. Our personal counter reliably and discreetly determines in real time how many customers enter and leave your store. As long as the person limit you define is not reached, the display remains green, the limit is reached, it changes to red. If a customer enters the store despite the inlet barrier, an acoustic warning signal will sound (Premium).

Have fun shopping!

Striking and understandable – an animation with arrow and text invites your customers to enter the store. Discreet but clear, the mask obligation is pointed out.

Alternatively with advertising.

Individually adjustable graphics for advertising in our Premium package for a one-time license fee.

Please wait! On site or where your customers want it with our ticket system.

The number of persons allowed has been reached! Customers can wait on site or scan the matrix code with their smartphone and book on the digital waiting list.

smarterwaiting Premium

In addition to the royalty-free basic version, smarterwaiting Premium offers you software that offers you a range of useful features for a one-time license fee.


Take advantage of the attention of your customers and also directly display current offers or present new products on the screen of the access control.


Define the maximum number of customers per minute and avoid collections in the input area.


Acoustic warning signal when entering despite the inlet barrier.

In addition to visual display, you can play any audio files to increase attention once more.


Do you want to use smarterwaiting for multiple inputs and outputs? No problem with our multi-door function in the Premium Package!

Reporting smarterwaiting

Our reporting is included in the smarterwaiting Premium package.

Analyze customer frequencies and waiting times on different timelines.


What our customers say about smarterwaiting:

With smarterwaiting we found an automatic access control system which was easy to install and was immediately very well received by our customers. The tablet in our entrance area attracts the attention of customers, they look at the screen and are informed if access to our store is currently possible. For us, this means that expensive access controls are no longer necessary and our customers can shop in our store without a shopping trolley.

Manuel Steinbrich

Market manager EDEKA Paschmann in Oberhausen

Let your customers wait smarter!

An investment in the future

Customer Satisfaction, Service Calls & Processes

The CONNECT box from smarterwaiting is also the basis of our ratiotec CONNECT system. For other applications such as customer satisfaction, service calls and sensor-controlled processes, you only need the sensors, actuators and applications required for this purpose.

With smarterwaiting, you can also buy a powerful IoT infrastructure for the post-corona era.

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